Released: July 5th 2017 | REWIGCD102X

Bright Phoebus, Lal and Mike Waterson’s 1972 folk-noir masterpiece, has long been recognised as one of British music's legendary lost records. Following the parting of ways of The Watersons and freed from the strictures of folk orthodoxy, Lal and Mike Waterson’s love of words allowed them to serve the needs of their songs in ways that weren’t possible when singing already written songs.
Featuring performances from Lal, Mike and Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy, Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Mattacks, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, amongst others, the album is now recognised as a forward-thinking benchmark for the genre. Fans include Arcade Fire, Stephen Malkmus, Billy Bragg, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley – the latter two performed the record themselves in 2013 on the Bright Phoebus Revisited tour.
Domino are pleased to reissue Bright Phoebus – Songs By Lal And Mike Waterson on 4th August, this will be the first time since its release the album will be widely available. Additionally under the supervision of David Suff (Topic/ Fledg'ling) and Marry Waterson (daughter of Lal), the album has been remastered from the original tapes. 

Deluxe CD
6 panel gatefold softpack
CD1 original album
CD2 featuring 11 demo recordings from 1971
24 page booklet featuring lyrics, photos and essay by Pete Paphides Paper

  1. Disc 1
  2. Original album
  3. Rubber Band
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. Fine Horseman
  6. Winifer Odd
  7. Danny Rose
  8. Child Among The Weeds
  9. Magical Man
  10. Never The Same
  11. To Make You Stay
  12. Shady Lady
  13. Red Wine Promises
  14. Bright Phoebus
  15. Disc 2
  16. LP2 – The 1971 Demos
  17. Danny Rose
  18. Fine Horseman
  19. Winifer Odd
  20. Child Among The Weeds
  21. Magical Man
  22. Bright Phoebus
  23. Red Wine Promises
  24. Song For Thirza
  25. The Scarecrow
  26. Never The Same
  27. One Of Those Days
  28. Jack Frost